May is for Rest and Repair



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I had the pleasure to complete my 3rd marathon just over a week ago. It was a fantastic day for a run and I’m proud of my performance. Mid run my IT band did start to wreck havoc but I pushed through! Do you train hard? Marathon training definitely causes some wear and tear to the body as well as a string of intense workouts. Do you ever take a break? Yeah, me neither! Last year I suffered with runners knee all summer long because I didn’t take my time to rest and recover from my 2nd marathon. I’m always in the mindset that you must push hard and be consistent with your workouts. I’m starting to tweak that belief and appreciate the benefits of taking time to rest. We don’t have to be scared of it!


So I decided to take 3 weeks off. Currently I’m on a week and a half of no exercise. Though I love being fit and active, I haven’t missed working out too much. I’m catching up on sleep instead! However what I am doing is focusing the energy I would typically put into workouts and redirecting it to my focus on nutrition.


I thought right after the marathon would be a perfect time to do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. It’s 21 Days of reclaiming your body, releasing the toxins and restoring your body’s natural chemistry. My main 2 goals from doing this program are to kick my caffeine habit and sugar addiction. Thankfully I have not craved sweets when previously before the Reset I automatically craved sweets after every meal. I have missed the taste of coffee but I’m not craving it as my afternoon pick me up. In the first 10 days I’m learning that I don’t NEED these things and I can live WITHOUT them! I’m also making new recipes and uses new condiments/ spices I’ve never had before. All in all this experience has been well worth it— and I still have 11 days to go!


My advice to you— schedule your rest time as religiously as you do your workouts and always strive to improve your eating so that you’re consuming the healthiest foods possible. REMEMBER— This is a journey!


Interested in learning more about the Ultimate Reset? It’s a pretty cool program. Check this video out for more information:



Workout Thursday: Arm Challenge!




Remember— in order to see change, you need a challenge! Last week I finished my arm challenge on Facebook. It was great to have a group of 20 people commit to their health. This is one small step BUT it can make a huge difference! Big steps typically lead to failure. Small consistent steps are the key to success. I’ve lived by this motto and have seen huge gains in my life!

You can take the arm challenge too! Couple words about the video– It’s long because it incorporates 12 moves (one for each day over a 14 day span with 3 rest days). I also explain and demonstrate each move. There’s no formal break between each day but you can tell the separation between each move.

Here’s the video:

I hope you try it out! Enjoy 🙂 Also if you ever want to participate in these challenges, connect with me on Facebook!!!


Have a FIT day!

Accountability is KEY!



Hello peeps!

I have a question for you? What keeps you accountable? Is it a consequence you may face? A person in your life?

Accountability is key! Think of all the accountability structures that are in our lives: your employer, a teacher, deadlines, evaluations systems, ect. They help us stay on track and making progress. We can see examples of accountability structures/systems in so many aspect of our lives. Why would you not have an accountability structure set up for you health/ fitness journey or your home business?

We see great success occur when *something* is present holding us accountable. If it’s worth the time and effort then there must be a system set in place to keep you on track. It’s important to be healthy so that you can be present for your loved ones. It’s important to focus on your home business because it’s the pathway to financial freedom. Think about it– what do you have in place now that will hold you accountable? Can’t think of anything? Then create one!

Check out my video explaining my point of view on accountability:

Participate in challenges!



Is your workout routine in a rut? Participate in a fitness challenge! What’s a fitness challenge? It’s a 14 to 30- day schedule where you focus on a particular body part or exercise move. Each day you build upon the reps or progress from the previous day. If you do a simple google search you’ll see all the possibilities. From squats, arms, running, or pushups, you can essentially find any fitness challenge that is geared towards your fitness goals. This is the perfect opportunity to get some targeted training for FREE!

If you join a challenge via social media, you’ll not only get the fitness tips/ advice BUT you’ll also get the social support aspect. You’ll meet new people who are also on their own fitness journey and interact with others as they too take on the same challenge as you. You’ll appreciate the support and connection with others especially on the days when you feel like you just can’t do it.

I personally ran a squat challenge via Facebook and loved it! The participants were so enthusiastic. People checked in daily and got to see others check in as well. No one felt alone because there were about 20 people in the group going through the process together. It went so well that one of the participants suggested the theme for another challenge–arms! Many people from that same group carried over to the new group with some more additions. Throughout the week, more people were added to the group because people were intrigued by the posts of group participants on their personal pages or decided to tell a friend about their experience. It was  a lot of fun to see the group grow and to see all the daily accountability posts.

If you’re looking for a change of pace that gets you sweating at home but also socializing with new interesting people via social media, you have to join in on a fitness challenge. Don’t know anyone organizing one? Contact me and you can join one of mine!

Remember— If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!




Looking to lift and firm your booty! Try my 14-day squat challenge! It’s time to get the butt you want to show off in your shorts or bathing suit this summer. Don’t forget to drop it low for max results!


Day 1: 15 regular squats, 15 chair squats

Day 2: 25 prisoner squats, 25 jump squats

Day 3: 25 weighted squats, 25 overhead squats, 25 single leg squats

Day 4: 20 plie squats, 20 frog squats, 20 side-to-side squats


Day 6: 30 weighted squats, 30 overhead squats

Day 7: 15 chair squats, 15 prisoner squats, 15 jump squats, 15 single leg squats, 15 plie squats, 15 frog squats

Day 8: 25 regular squats, 25 side-to-side squats

Day 9: 20 weighed squats, 25 overhead squats

Day 10: REST DAY

Day 11: 20 regular squats, 20 chair squats, 20 prisoner squats, 20 jump squats, 20 single leg squats, 20 plie squats

Day 12: 20 frog squats, 20 side-to-side squats

Day 13: 25 overhead squats, 25 prisoner squats, 15 weighted squats

Day 14: 15 regular squats, 15 chair squats, 15 prisoner squats, 15 jump squats, 15 weighted squats, 15 overhead squats, 15 single leg squats, 15 plie squats, 15 frog squats, 15 side-to-side squats


Order of movements in video:

Jump, side to side, frog, plie, single leg, weighted, overhead, prisoner, chair, regular

Who is your social support network?


As I am studying for the certified personal trainer exam, one of the many reoccurring tips to help clients reach their fitness goals is to have your client build a social support network. Simply put, who are your cheerleaders and biggest supporters? Make sure they are on your team to support you in your efforts to lose weight, gain healthy habits, or run across that marathon finish. Having a social support network has many benefits that will increase the chances that you’ll reach your goals.


  1. Emotional Support: Fitness journeys are extremely emotional. Many people who attempt to lose weight typically have some negative emotions associated with their current body. Having a social support network near by will help you feel better on the days when your self-confidence is low and the negative self-talk becomes overbearing. These are the people who see you for who you really are and will remind you of how you are a great person and have a huge amount of untapped potential.
  2. Workout buddies: Don’t let your social support network stand on the sidelines! Give them the opportunity to join in on the fun. Not only will they be better for participating but also it gives you more motivation to stick to your workouts. When you make a date to workout with someone, you’re more likely to stick to that appointment. Also it’s more fun to workout with a buddy than alone. You’ll have bonding time and build a stronger connection with your buddy all while burning calories. Win-win situation!
  3. Accountability: Have you ever procrastinated but then did something right before it was due because you knew someone would ask you about it? Have your social support network keep you honest. Set up weekly check-ins, reminder texts, or progress reports so that your network can help you stay on track. The more they know about your progress along the journey, the better they can be at keeping you accountable.
  4. Shout it out loud to the world: Don’t hide your journey. Shout it from the rooftops. Update your posts via SM letting everyone know you’re looking to achieve an awesome health and fitness goal. Facebook is the ultimate social support network. Post consistently about your progress and see how many positive comments people will leave for you. In general people want good things to happen for others. They want you to be successful. Also you never know how your post may inspire someone else to start working towards his or her goals! 

Action Step: Who is your social support network? Brainstorm a list of names of people you want to support you and recruit them to your team!

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Surrender To Yourself


**Surrender To Yourself**


I heard this quote recently and it has stuck with me. It’s a difficult process to do. “Surrender” requires the act of letting go. To let go we are letting ourselves be vulnerable. Exposing us to experience all emotions whether good or bad. It’s intimidating and scary. Yet it’s the only way for us to truly achieve success.


 How do you surrender to yourself in terms of health and fitness?

You have to let go of the excuses. You’re better than them. No matter what your schedule looks like or the hour you have to get up in the morning, you have to be willing to commit to yourself. Know that you’re more important than any excuse. You may feel tired but you’re more important. You may have a busy day, but you’re more important. You may live on a tight budget, but you’re more important. Remember— you’re more important. You’re capable of showing grit and persisting no matter the current circumstance.


How do you surrender to yourself in terms of your career?

Are you happy where you are? Are you passionate about what you do? Are you at the rank or level you want to be? Can you see yourself continuing to grow and learn? If you said no, you need to surrender to your true passion. We all have a limited time on this earth. To be apart of an industry or have a career that doesn’t fill your soul is a waste of your talent. It’s tough to think of switching careers or stepping up your efforts to get the promotion you always wanted. Again, you’re worth it and important enough. Get out of your head and listen to your heart.


How do you surrender to yourself in terms of personal development?

Think of your deepest darkest childhood memory. Have you truly come to terms with it? Have you found the opportunity to process it? These memories are the ones that influence who we are today. The way we view ourselves, our self-talk, and the way we communicate with others is influences by our past. We need to take time to reflect on the experiences and link them to our current mental and emotional state. This is painful and uncomfortable but we will be better for it. Once we know “why” we behave the way we do, we can then begin the process of improving and becoming the best versions of ourselves.


Remember—We Are So Worth It And Important! No matter what the goal is, surrender to yourself and you’ll achieve success.